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REGISTRATION/RELEASE  The undersigned in consideration of the  opportunity to participate in the Navy SEAL Tribute Ride sponsored by Barry C. Nelms, DBA/Barry's at Walnut Island, and their respective officers and agents (Released Parties)  RELEASES and Holds harmless the parties from all claims and demands, rights, and causes of action of any kind whatsoever which I now have or later may have against the Released Parties in any way resulting from , arising out of, or in connection with the performance of their duties and my participation in the event. I am experienced in and familiar with the operation of motorcycles and fully understand the risks and dangers inherent in motorcycling. I am voluntarily participating in the Navy SEAL Tribute Ride and I expressly agree to assume the entire risk of any accidents or personal injury, including death, which I might sustain to my person and property of the part of any and all of the Released Parties in performing their duties. I further agree to waive all benefits flowing from any state statute which would negate or limit the scope of this release and Indemnification Agreement, By signing this Release, I certify that I have read this Release and fully understand it and that I am not relying on any statements or representations made by the Released Parties.

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Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

We sincerely appreciate the groups, clubs, and organizations that continue to support our military. Please let us know if you will attend this year and how many riders you anticipate so we can accommodate everyone. Thank you.

Pins and Patches

This year the first 200 registered riders will receive a FREE SEAL TRIBUTE RIDE PIN. One Pin per bike registered.

Pre-Registered: February 2019

Gary Basham, Va.Beach, Va

Don Michalek, Va.Beach,Va

Charlie /Mary Lou Vaughan, Currituck ,NC

Phil/Mary Dale Mueller, Louisburg, NC

John Romm, Currituck,NC

Tammy Romm, Currituck, NC

Jerry Vogel, Oakland, Md. 

Don Dischler, Grand Island, Fla

Susan Dischler, Grand Island, Fla

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1. How long is the ride>?

ans: The ride lasts approximately 1.25 hrs.with a stop at the NC/Va State Line; Currituck County Welcome Center

2. Is food/gas/bathrooms available along the route?

ans: Yes, there will be FREE snacks at the Welcome Center, bathrooms, and gasoline - There is a 15 min stop over .

Full Lunch and all Beverages will be available at the destination site: Barry's at Walnut Island, Grandy, N.C. 

4. Is there an escort?

ans: The ride from the Welcome Center to Barry's at Walnut Island is escorted by the Currituck County Sheriff. 


Help Support our Military with your participation in this Annual Event.